John from shares with you how one farm in Springfield, Missouri (Zone 6) is growing vegetables all winter long, and the techniques you can use in your home garden so you can also grow food year-round in Zone 6 or other cold climates where you get snow in the winter.

In this episode, you will learn about Urban Roots Farm which grows food year-round for the residents of Springfield, MO. You will learn their secrets to growing vegetables thru the winter in their zone 6 climate that got down to -8 degrees in December.

You will learn how you can grow food even in the cold weather by putting up simple low tunnels, mid tunnels, or high tunnels so you can protect your vegetables from the cold weather and provide them with the best environment to thrive.

You will learn the specific types of winter crops you will need to plant to be successful. You will also learn how you can put up a double tunnel to ensure your plants stay even warmer.

You will learn how a heated greenhouse with raised beds can be converted to work benches to grow seedlings in the springtime.

You will discover how a germination station can be used to germinate seeds with a high level of success. You will discover how old plastic campaign signs can be used to grow seedlings using soil blockers to grow vegetables.

You will learn some of the unique features of this farm that you may be able to use at home to grow more sustainably and thru the winter in the midwest including Zone 5 and Zone 6 gardens.

After watching this episode, you will learn many tips and techniques you can implement to grow food all winter long, so you can start gardening year-round like people can in warmer climates.

Jump to the following parts of the Episode:
00:00 Episode Starts
00:20 At Urban Roots Farm in Springfield, MO
02:09 Don't Grow this way in the Winter
02:48 Cover Your Seedlings After Planting; Start Early
04:11 How to grow spinach over the Winter – Low tunnels
06:55 Using Mid-Tunnels to Grow More Food and Keep things warmer
08:02 Making a double tunnel
to keep your plants warmer
09:05 Mid-Tunnel with Plastic that Stays Warmer
09:38 Build a High Tunnel to Grow even more food
11:09 Inside High Tunnel – How They Grow
11:40 Choose these crops to be successful
12:40 Growing in a Heated Greenhouse
14:32 Tour of Greenhouse
15:14 Convertible Raised Beds to Nursery Tables
17:40 Reusing Political Signs for Growing Seedlings
18:32 Using a Soil Blocker to Make their seedling trays
19:34 $100 Germination Station to get 100% Germination of Viable Seeds
20:52 How This Germination Station is Made – with Insulated Panels, L Brackets, Flat Bars, Toos, and Shelves
23:23 Commercial Grade Germination Station – Germinating seeds in 3 days
24:38 Cheat Sheet for Temperature and How long to Germinate
25:30 Inkbird Controller
26:08 Just Germinated Seeds Growing in Greenhouse
26:35 Irrigation Used on the Farm
27:27 Emergency Watering Technique to Water Dried out Flats
28:14 Summary of how to grow food thru the winter in the Midwest
29:11 Using Super totes to Make a raised bed
30:20 Using Milk Crates to Raise up Soil Level of Garden
31:28 Community Compost Bin
32:17 City Compost & Wood Chips Used to Grow Food
33:44 Collecting Water to Send Back to the Replenish Water Table
35:08 Self-Service Farm Stand
36:55 Using the Square Tablet to Check out
38:02 Inside Cooler to See What Food is Available in April
39:34 My Thoughts about the Urban Roots Farm & Growing thru the Winter

After watching this episode, you will learn the tips you need to start your vegetable seedlings and grow them in a protected area over the winter in the middle of the United States, so your vegetable garden can flourish even in the coldest of weather.

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