John from visits the Good Food Festival in Chicago, Illinois to bring you the best products that can help you grow more food at home and be more sustainable on the planet.

In this episode, you will discover an organization that helps kids grow food and eat the food they grew, a special variety of seaweed that tastes like bacon, a herb farm near Chicago that grows over 300 varieties of herbs, a truly compostable plastic bag made from plants, US Made high-power LED grow lights that let you grow vegetables in mason jars inside your home, the power of worms to eat your garbage and a special rock dust mineral powder that also contains high paramagnetic levels that can help your plants grow better.

John will visit the following exhibitors at the Good Food Festival:
04:20 Gardeneers – a nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting kids with nature and growing and eating vegetables from the garden.
08:26 Amazing Seaweed – A special cultivar of Dulse seaweed from OSU (Oregon State University) that tastes like Bacon when fried, but is healthy for you.
10:44 Wind Ridge Herb Garm – Grows over 300 varieties of herbs you can buy and grow in your garden. A great resource for people in Chicago.
12:41 Truly Compostable Plant Plastic Bags – Learn about the SCAM of many “biodegradable” plastic bags and learn how to spot real compostable plant-based bags.
16:36 Grow Vegetables in a Mason Jar with a High-Quality USA Made LED Grow Light – The happy leaf grow light was designed and made in the USA with mostly USA components. It will outlast and outperform imported LED Lights. John will also show how you can grow vegetables in wide mouth quart size mason jars.
use coupon code GYG for 10% off (if not working call them at 815-414-2209) to order and get the discount.
22:10 Natures Little Recyclers – Shows the power of the earthworms that eat your garbage, how businesses can dispose of food waste in their basement for LEED certification, also a cute desktop worm farm and how food waste can be diverted from the landfill to make the best garden fertilizer.
25:57 Andesite Mineral Complex – This special Rock dust provides up to 70 minerals with a High Paramagnetic value that can enhance plant growth and provide trace minerals that may not be present in your soil to your plants so they can grow to their genetic potential with less pest pressure and higher levels of nutrition.

After watching this episode, you will learn valuable information that can help you grow more food, more effectively and how you can live more sustainably on the planet.

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