John from visits the home of Dr. Joel Fuhrman to share with you how he is growing the most nutrient dense foods that he eats for vitality, longevity and to prevent disease.

In this episode, John travels to New Jersey to visit the home garden of Dr. Joel Fuhrman, who has been in family practice for over 25 years. He is one of the World’s authorities in the field of nutrition and has devised a style of eating that can help people to heal from chronic diseases and prevent them from occurring in the first place.

You will learn what Dr. Fuhrman is growing in his garden and why it is important to eat the majority of your diet from fresh vegetables, fruits, and other plant foods.

You will discover how Dr. Fuhrman prevents deer, rabbits, foxes, Japanese beetles as well as other pests from his garden.

You will learn one of Dr. Furhmans favorite vegetables to grow that you only plant once. It’s truly low maintenance for someone on the go like Dr. Fuhrman.

You will discover the best way to eat your fruits and vegetables without even picking them, so there is no nutrient loss in the food you eat.

You will learn about the power of cruciferous vegetables, such as kale, collards, broccoli, and why you should eat some every day to stay young and keep disease away.

You will discover how Dr. Fuhrman is able to grow figs, papayas as well as other tropical fruit trees year round in New Jersey. You will see a simple plant dolly that can be used to move large pots in and out of the garage or greenhouse that can be made with 2x4s, steel rod, and two wheels.

You will learn how a greenhouse can be used to extend your growing season and how you can use energy efficient LED lighting for light and heat it for free with solar panels.

You will learn about some of the most valuable fruit trees you can grow in the SouthEast United States and why he prefers to grow certain varieties of trees than others.

You will discover the ENDLESS amounts of wild berries that Dr. Fuhrman has growing around his home and why he promotes berries as a food you should eat every day.

Finally, John will interview Dr. Furhman and talk more about eating healthy, diet, gardening and more.

0:49:18 Interview with Dr Joel Fuhrman Starts
0:58:08 Book I recommend for Eating Healthy
0:50:34 Recipe Book to Eat Healthy that is fast and easy?
0:50:58 What is this healthy dehydrated snack?
0:52:25 Best Book for people with Diabetes
0:53:05 What about people who have heart disease?
0:53:50 Why don’t other doctors teach people to eat healthy to not have disease in the first place?
0:55:00 The Easiest Way to Lose 10 pounds in 20 days
0:56:28 What is Your new book Fast Food Genocide about?
0:58:16 Why commercial baked goods unhealthy?
0:58:57 Why are french fries just once a week so bad?
1:00:50 What are some of the foods people should eat every day to have better health?
1:01:50 Why is it important to eat nuts and seeds with your vegetables?
1:02:30 Why Meat will cause you to gain weight
1:03:50 What is the major mistake people make when eating food?
1:04:25 What are GBOMBS and why should people eat them?
1:06:50 John presents Dr. Fuhrman some special gifts
1:12:02 How can someone learn more about you and purchase your books?

After watching this episode, you will learn how you can grow and eat foods that can help to reverse disease and prevent disease from occurring in the first place. You will learn some techniques to grow your own food and some of the specific foods you should include in your diet every day for long-term health.

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