Half lap joints are GREAT! I think they have one of the highest ratios of low effort to complete to high strength. Of course, there are stronger joints, but are they as easy to make? Try half laps for yourself, and then you decide. 

If you would like to explore more half lap joint projects, check out the following:

Half lap blanket chest https://youtu.be/37MXtPwUtQI
Half lap bar stools https://youtu.be/0i5qeM_K0Z4
Angled half lap shelf https://youtu.be/bkTZ-4_dYLs
2×4 cabinet https://youtu.be/vkAd5uJrnBE
2×4 dining chair https://youtu.be/NIKQk4J6R1c
2×4 porch swing https://youtu.be/96hMtgBFG6Q
$5 lumber racks https://youtu.be/bGr5TtVKI8g
Half lap dry erase board https://youtu.be/T4FjNsHZ-qc


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