John from visits Timeya’s Microgreens outside Dallas, Texas to share with you how this Home-Based business grows microgreens in a converted dining room.

In this episode, you will get a full tour of this home-based microgreens farm and how they grow their microgreens. You will discover the sources for the supplies you will need and the best place you can get free in-person training to grow microgreens without spending $1000 for online training. You will discover a reason that is MORE important than money and profit on why this home-based microgreens business was started.

You will learn how easy running a home-based microgreens business can be as well as the most challenging part of the business. You will learn all the different supplies and why John prefers microgreens grown on coconut coir pads instead of loose media. You will discover why selling fresh and living microgreens are more valuable to you and your customers instead of selling cut microgreens.

You will discover how microgreens can be grown year-round to create an income for you and your family for 52 weeks in a year.

You will learn how the shelf life of microgreens can be extended by providing them the best growing environment during packaging.

Finally, John will interview Timeya, the farmer about why she started this business, and how the business has changed her family’s life for the better.

After watching this episode, you will learn how a home-based microgreens business grows and sells microgreens and also why a microgreens business can be more valuable than just the money or profit it will generate.

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