John from goes on a field trip to Hasena Farms in Las Vegas, Nevada to share how this farm in the Mohave desert is successful at growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers to sell to the local community. You will see how a farm was started at home without purchasing land to farm on.

In this episode, you will learn more about an urban farm in Las Vegas that grows food successfully in the Mohave desert and how they do it.

First, John will take you on a tour of the front yard and backyard of the farm and show you the specific crops they are growing, and how they are growing them.

You will learn about the specific vegetables they are growing and how they grow them. You will learn about the vegetables that grow best in Las Vegas and how they are being grown on this farm at home.

You will hear John's opinions on some new crops that the farm may want to grow in the future that should grow well in the desert.

You will get a tour of different areas of the farm including how they make compost, start their seedlings, and learn what organic fertilizers are used on the farm. You will also learn how they grow microgreens.

Finally, John will interview farmer Keith and you will learn more about the farm and growing in the Mohave desert.

Jump to the following parts of the Episode:
00:25 You can Start a Farm Where You Live
02:49 Tour of Front Yard
03:52 How to Clamp Drip Tape For Cheap with Wood
05:30 Get the Right soil or else!
06:11 Mint vs Crabgrass, who will win?
07:27 Backyard Tour
07:46 Composting on Farm
08:13 Favorite Compost Tumblers: Lifetime 65 Gallon
08:20 Compost Trommel Built from Scratch
09:00 Rusted out Joraform Composter Use for Frame
10:55 Angled Stakes to Hold Plants without Fasteners
11:59 How this farm is successful growing in Las Vegas
15:38 My recommendations for planting
16:21 Greenhouse Tour – Starting Seedlings
18:28 Workshop Tour
18:55 Organic Fertilizers / Soil Amendments
19:54 How to Make Organic Alfalfa Meal for Cheap
21:24 Walk-in Cooler
22:05 Microgreens and Indoor Seedlings
23:21 Interview with Farmer Keith
23:33 Why did you decide to start a farm?
25:00 Importance of Eating locally and seasonally
27:43 Biggest Challenge Growing in the Las Vegas Desert
28:40 Biggest Joy Growing Food
29:47 How many hours a day do you work?
30:45 Can I go on a tour? Do you give classes?
31:58 Where can someone buy your food locally?
32:37 Final Words of Wisdom by Farmer Keith

After watching this episode, you will learn some of the techniques that are used to grow a farm at home successfully in the desert and how you can buy the best locally grown food in Las Vegas, and even go for a personal farm tour or take a class in Las Vegas about farming.

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