John from answers your organic gardening questions including How to prevent hornworms on peppers, the best potting soil mix in Houston, TX, how to keep living soil alive thru the winter, how to best grow in an elevated off-the-ground raised-bed, Do you still like the Hudson fogger and neem oil spray? how to grow herbs indoors? what about juicing apple seeds that contain cyanide and much, much more.

John will answer the following questions at the following times:
00:00 Episode Starts
00:54 Did you ever get data from Josh on Boogie Frass?
03:15 Any updates on multi-zone water timers?
04:52 What is a simple homemade potting soil mix for Houston?
06:55 How do I prevent hornworms from eating my peppers?
09:08 Is it true you can't plant fennel near other crops?
11:00 How do I keep perennial collards/kale healthy thru the hot summer?
13:58 Do you still believe Dr. Earth is the best fertilizer that people can buy?
14:50 How do you keep living soil going thru the winter in Vermont?
16:17 What are your thoughts on Korean Natural Farming, FPJ and IMOs?
18:48 What do you do with your materials after you make compost tea?
20:11 What concerns should I have growing in off the ground planters?
22:57 IF you were starting a business to grow Dandelion products, how would you do it?
25:00 Are there any vegetables you can't grow in soil that has alot of rocks?
26:36 Should I be concerned with the cyanide in Apple Seeds if I am juicing them?
29:45 Do you still recommend the Hudson fogger and neem oil & dr. bronners sal suds soap?
32:41 Do you put shade cloth over your desert garden in June and July?
34:35 Any pointers on starting an herb garden in the house I just bought?

After watching this episode, you will learn John's answers to these questions, and probably learn many more organic gardening tips and tricks along the way.

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