John from visits Urban Abundance in Jupiter, Florida, a company that helps people in Broward and Palm Beach Counties Grow their food.

In this episode, you will learn how you can harvest a meal from your South Florida Yard to Eat Dinner! John will walk around the demonstration garden of Urban Abundance and harvest greens for salad, fruits for a salad dressing, pigeon peas for protein, and cassava rich in resistant starch to boost gut health.

You will learn more about urban abundance that will install and maintain raised beds, field crops, fruit trees, or food forests for people living in South Florida.

You will learn many of the crops that can thrive in the Summer in South Florida during some of the hottest weather. You will learn about many tropical vegetables and perennial vegetables that thrive in South Florida and the tropics. You will learn how John makes a salad using these ingredients and snacks on fresh fruits while he is harvesting his dinner.

You will get a full tour of all the areas of the Urban Abundance demonstration garden to learn how you can be successful in growing food in South Florida.

Finally, John will interview Jack Sandquist, founder of Urban Abundance so you can learn more about his company that helps people in South Florida grow food as well as his gardening tips for growing food in the subtropics.

Jump to the Following Parts of this Episode
00:00 Episode Starts
00:50 Helping People Create an Abundance of Food in Palm Beach County
02:05 Simple Raised Bed Garden
02:45 Making a Meal out of the Food Harvested in the Permaculture food forest
03:28 New Zealand Spinach & Marigold Flowers
04:45 Cranberry Hibiscus
05:30 Malabar Spinach
06:09 Moringa Tree
06:32 Katuk
07:00 Harvesting Fresh Banans to Eat
08:35How many mangoes you can have in 18 months
09:09 Harvesting Passion fruit
09:42 Row Garden
10:08 Aji Dulse Peppers
11:02 Sweet Habanero
11:40 Harvesting Carrots
12:25 Dinosaur Kale – Harvest Tender
13:02 Egyptian Spinach
13:33 Spilanthes Leaves
14:07 Harvesting Bolting Lettuce
14:52 Baby Collard Leaves
15:12 Indian Cress Leaves
15:35 Nursery Plants they will plant for you so you can grow your own food in Palm Beach County
16:32 Fruit Trees in the Urban Abundance Nursery
17:10 Harvesting leaves from Surinam Spinach
17:58 Okinowan Spinach
18:19 Culantro
18:45 Jamican Cherry – Muntingia calabura – My favorite Fruit to Eat
19:33 Tour of Edible Landscaping near the front of house
21:20 Harvesting Pigeon Peas
21:58 Harvesting Cassava to Harvest
22:44 Cassava that was Harvested
23:20 What I ate for Dinner from the Permaculture Food Forest
23:27 Interview with Jack Sandquist
24:19 Why did you start urban abundance?
26:30 What services do you offer?
29:20 Do you teach people how to use the tropical foods that you grow?
30:19 Grow & Eat foods in Season
31:25 Share a Story of a Family who you Helped grow their food
32:28 What do you recommend people grow in South Florida?
34:55 Can you grow food in the Summer in South Florida?
38:32 What did you think about the salad dressing I made?
40:38 Perennial Fruit and Vegetable Package
41:12 What have been your biggest challenges growing food in Florida?
41:30 How to Deal with Iguanas in the Garden
46:06 Besides Families tell me about your corporate climates.
48:30 What are your top 3 fruits that grow easily in South Florida?
49:14 What are the easiest 3 veggies to grow in South Florida in the Winter?
51:17 What are the best 3 veggies to grow in South Florida in the Summer?
52:53 How soon can you put in a garden for someone who calls?
56:14 What areas do you service?
56:34 How can someone contact you?

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