John from shares with you the best way to preserve your harvest: by freeze drying your food. You will learn how John freeze dries his fresh picked tat soi leafy greens to make a salad that he freeze-dries and can be stored for up to 25 years.

In this episode, John harvests his bolting tat soi Asian leafy greens and shows you the entire process on how he makes a freeze-dried salad including washing his harvest, making a fresh oil-free salad dressing, and loading up the freeze dryer trays.

You then discover how a harvest right freeze dryer works and how easy it is to start the freeze dryer to automatically freeze dry your food. You will discover why dehydration is a poor method of preserving phytonutrients in your fruits and vegetables.

You will learn what freeze-dried salad looks and tastes like as well as discover how to make the world’s healthiest snack using fresh jackfruit.

You will discover the best source of water on earth and learn about the water that John drinks that probably nobody else on the planet does.

John will also share his updated harvest right freeze dryer review and update from his original review.

Jump to the following parts of the Episode:
00:15 Episode Starts
01:25 Harvesting Tat Soi
02:35 How Many Greens I eat in a Day
03:30 How I Wash my Leafy Greens
06:22 How I Eat my Young Shoots
06:58 Spin Drying My
08:00 How I Chop up my Produce
11:20 How I Make a Salad Dressing from Scratch
12:15 Why I only use a Vacuum Blender when Blending
14:15 I Do not recommend using concentrated sugars
15:00 Healthy Fats
17:10 Adding Cheesy Flavor without the Cheese
18:30 Blending up Dressing
29:30 Most Salad Dressings are not Healthy
21:45 Why I Make Videos
24:05 Starting to Freeze Dry Salad
26:10 Putting Trays in the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer
28:00 How the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Works
30:40 Pulling Food out of the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer
32:00 Problem with Dehydration
32:15 Freeze Dried Salad
34:05 Stay Hydrated when Eating Freeze Dried Food
34:50 Freeze Dried Jackfruit
36:00 Best Water on Earth: Water from Fruits and Vegetables
38:10 How I Store My Food after Freeze Drying
44:30 Storing my Freeze Dried Salad
47:00 Best Way to Preserve your harvest
46:25 Updated Freeze Dryer Review

After watching this episode, you will learn how to best preserve your harvest by freeze drying, and how the freeze dryer works as well as John’s recommendations if you should purchase a harvest right freeze dryer.

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