John from interviews Matt Bennett, author of the brand-new book, “5 Star Salad Revolution” which shares the importance of leafy greens in a healthy diet, including their health benefits, anti-nutrients, how to source the best leafy greens to eat, how to eat more greens and how to craft amazing salads and dressings from scratch. Get the Ultimate Raw Vegan Bundle until 5/11 for $50 at

In this episode, you will learn all about the benefits of leafy green vegetables, and discover why John named his channel, Growing Your Greens.

You will learn about the Ultimate Raw Vegan Bundle that is available only until May 11th to get the 5 Star Salad Revolution Ebook as well as 39 other ebooks and courses for only $50 (a $1800+ value)

You will learn more about anti-nutrients in leafy greens and John's and Matt's opinions on them. You will learn how they can be beneficial but also how they can be harmful.

You will learn how to formulate a healthy salad and the 5 pillars to create a healthy salad.

You will also discover all the information that is in Matts's book, 5 Star salad revolution if you want to learn more about the benefits of Leafy green vegetables so you can get healthier today.

After watching this episode, you will learn all about the benefits of including more leafy greens in your diet, how to eat more leafy greens, and how to buy Matt's book to learn everything you have ever wanted to know about leafy greens.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
00:00 Episode Starts
01:30 Ultimate Raw Vegan Bundle Available Until May 11th
02:07 Why are Leafy Greens Important to Eat
06:36 Fiber is an essential nutrient for our microbiome
07:27 Soil Microbiome vs Gut Microbiome
08:20 Plant Anti-Nutrients including Oxalates
12:59 Eat Seasonally and eat a Diversity of Leafy Greens
14:33 Anti-Nutrients can have health benefits for us
16:08 How did traditional cultures process foods?
17:35 Eat Your Leafy Greens Raw for the Most Benefit
18:30 How can people eat more salads and leafy greens?
19:40 This is a real dinner salad
20:00 5 Pillars to make an amazing salad
23:30 How you can feel full when eating a salad
24:50 How can you make a delicious salad dressing?
27:45 Using watery fruits from your garden to make salad dressings
28:30 What else will people learn in 5 Star Salad Revolution
29:55 Other ways to get more leafy greens into you besides salads
33:30 Why people don't enjoy leafy greens
36:45 Homegrown vs Store-Bought Leafy Greens
39:00 Ultimate Raw Vegan Bundle $50 includes Matt's 5-Star Salad Revolution Book
40:04 How can someone buy the book?
41:09 What 5 tips can help people to eat more leafy greens

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