In this interview, John talks with Kyle Stumpenhorst of RR Buildings of Illinois. Kyle shares some tips and ideas on finding contractors, and how you can successfully get your project off the ground!

The Survey Results:

Topics covered:
How to start: know what you want before calling a contractor
Research (via website and social media) to find the best fit for contractors that do your type of job
Ask for past client referrals and reach out to them
Talking about money: how to find out how much with being insulting
Permits, who gets those
Patience is a big thing as quality contractors are out several months
Trust needs to be there with the person doing the work
The goal of contractors is to make you happy
Who buys the insurance? Insurance by contractor covers them (builder’s risk)
What is up with pricing of materials
Can I help you on the worksite? Clients offer to help

Kyle’s Links:

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