What’s the best way to grind tile – Especially if shower walls or floors have extra sealant or mortar on the surface? This video shares the one tool that can solve that problem.

Helpful Links:

Medium Grit STL Diamond Cup Wheel — https://bit.ly/2Qj9u82
Fine Grit STL Diamond Cup Wheel — https://bit.ly/2xTeUjs

STL diamond cup wheels can be paired with an angle grinder, in this video we used the FEIN WSG7-115, a 4-1/2″ angle grinder.

Remove both the threaded flange and support flange from the grinder. Thread the STL onto the grinder, it should sit below the wheel guard.

Get the STL and angle grinder up to full speed, then plunge the STL into the back of the tile. Let the STL and grinder do most of the work.

Always where eye protection, a silica dust respirator, and hearing protection when grinding or cutting tile.

Watch our video for all the details