Today’s video shares quick tips on how to grout tile with Spectralock, an epoxy grout. If you want a grout that’s stain resistant and easy to maintain then Spectralock is a great option.

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White scrubby pads —

Tip 1 – get all your tools in the bathroom
Tip 2 – buy Spectralock Mini buckets (Part A&B)
Tip 3 – bet the Spectralock Colorant (Part C)
Tip 4 – mix parts A and B until it’s white then add Part C
Tip 5 – pack the joints and remove excess with a grout float
Tip 6 – let Spectralock sit until the joint is stiff
Tip 7 – tool the joints with a white scrubby and sponge
Tip 8 – remove grout from any change of plane joints
Tip 9 – wash the tile with the white scrubby and sponge
Tip 10 – apply Latisil silicone in corners

Watch our video for all the tips and join Bathroom Repair Tutor to see the full video showing how to use Spectralock in a shower, plus our videos showing how to build a subway tile shower