John from visits Birds with Arms Farms, a diversified Permaculture Beyond Organic Farm in Maui, Hawaii growing Sugar Cane, Heart of Palm and more using regenerative agriculture practices.

In this episode, you will learn more about Hugelkultur, harvesting peach palm for the heart of palm and growing and harvesting sugar cane and how to maximize your profits.

First, you will learn more about Hugelkultur and how this growing technique can be used so that you do not have to irrigate your plants.

Next, you will discover more about the fast-growing peach palm, a palm that can be grown for its delicious fruit and the heart of palm. John will chop down a heart of palm and show you exactly how to harvest the heart out of this tropical palm.

Next, you will learn how to grow sugar cane using regenerative agriculture practices that will build the soil. You will learn the best practices the grow high quality beyond organic sugar cane. You will discover how to best harvest sugar cane so you can extract the sweetest and delicious juice.

Next, you will discover how you can transform sugar cane crop into even more cash by offering a value-added product: Sugar Cane Juice

You will learn how one family harvests and juices sugar cane at the local Maui Upcountry farmers market and provides the best sugar cane juice on Maui to locals and visitors to Maui, Hawaii.

You will discover more about the nutrition of sugar cane juice and some of its health benefits. You will learn why sugar cane juice is more nutritious than soda and is more than just “sugar water” as many people may believe.

Finally, John will interview the farmers so you can learn more about Birds with Arms Farms.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
01:57 Growing Diverse Crops
03:00 Adding Value to Your Crops
03:45 Hugelculture Garden Bed
06:41 Benefits of Wood in the Garden
08:50 Mangosteen Trees
11:23 Peach Palm For Heart of Palm
13:45 Cutting Down the Peach Palm
14:49 Finding the Heart of the Palm
18:37 Harvesting the Heart of Palm
20:57 Growing Sugar Cane as a Health Food Crop
24:44 How to Harvest the Sweetest Sugar Cane
25:50 Work with the NRCS for free
31:40 Fresh Harvested Sugar Cane
32:07 Sell Value Added Products instead of your crops
33:30 Benefits of Sugar Cane Juice.
37:24 Juicing Sugar Cane Juice with Sugar Cane Press
38:13 Juice Cane Face Down unpeeled
40:15 Brix Testing Sugar Cane Juice
43:05 Interview with Farmers
43:47 Why is your farm called Birds with Arms Farms
44:18 Why did you decide to get into farming?
45:36 Who was into gardening first?
46:18 How can you get your partner involved with gardening?
47:34 What other crops do you want to grow in the future?
49:04 How do you build the soil on your farm?
50:40 What are the challenges you have had as young farmers?
52:45 Any words of wisdom you would like to share with my viewers?
56:00 How can someone purchase your products?
57:00 Final comments from Farmers

After watching this episode, you will learn how you can best grow sugarcane and heart of palm for fun and profit.

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