John from visits an urban homestead in St George, Utah to show you how one guy is growing food in his desert southwest home. You will learn how to grow food & have the easiest compost pile you have never seen inside a swimming pool!
In this episode, you will learn various ways to grow your food, and the types of food you can grow in Southern Utah & Compost your food scraps and keep Chickens in a converted swimming pool chicken coop
First, John will give you a tour of the front yard of this urban homestead on how fruit trees, artichokes, sunchokes, and cactus are being grown in the front yard to eat.

Next, You get a tour of the backyard garden that is growing food in many different methods so you can learn how there are many ways to grow your own food.

You will discover more about the rain-gutter wicking net pot growing system in 15-gallon containers.

You will learn the easiest way to sprout a sweet potato and make endless amounts of slips to grow in your garden.

Next, you will learn about the importance of homemade compost and making the proper soil blend.

You will discover some of the many cold season and warm season plants that can be planted in your garden in Southern Utah.

Next, you will learn about the best fruit trees you can grow in Southern Utah that will grow the best and produce the best fruits.

You will discover the best way to grow goji berries to keep them neat & contained.

Finally, you will learn about an amazing compost bin that was made out of a swimming pool that was converted into a massive chicken coup. You will learn how to gardening made this chicken coop and how easy it is to make fungal-dominated compost with very little work on your behalf.

After watching this episode, you will learn the how you can grow your own food at home on your homestead, grow your vegetables & keep chickens and re-use all your food scraps to feed the chickens and make compost easily.

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