John from shows you how you can grow more KangKong aka Water Spinach aka Ong Choy aka Ipomoea Aquatica than you can eat in Soil.

In this episode, you will learn more about the easiest to grow vegetables – Chinese Water Spinach that grows easily from cuttings you can buy at an Asian market.

You will learn why growing this vegetable is illegal to grow in some states, and how the USDA classifies it as a Noxious Weed. You will learn how this leafy green vegetable can fetch up to $20 a pound, due to its legal status.

You will discover some of the finer growing techniques of growing water spinach so you can double its zinc content, and increase other minerals in the plant by simply inoculating your roots with mycorrhizae.

You will learn how John easy roots cuttings or shoots of the water spinach that he purchased at the grocery store so he can grow more water spinach without having to buy seeds or starter plants.

You will learn the temperature required to grow water spinach. This is truly a heat-loving plant and does not appreciate temperatures below 65 degrees.

You will discover some of the nutritional benefits of eating the water spinach and why you may not want to cook this nutritious vegetable. You will discover how John prefers to eat this vegetable.

You will learn how much to water the water spinach and the temperature variation of a concrete block wall and the water spinach leaves and how the plant is able to keep itself cool in the hot summer.

You will learn 3 different methods for growing water spinach and why each method may be beneficial for you, depending on your specific situation.

After watching this episode, you will learn more about one of the easiest to grow vegetables in existence and how to have an endless supply of this delicious leafy green all summer long.

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