John from visits Arizona Microgreens to share with you how to grow the best microgreens that have a longer shelf life and better flavor by growing microgreens in a soil mix using natural sunlight.

In this episode, you will learn how growing microgreens in a soil blend and sunlight can increase their nutrition and flavor.

You will learn how the largest microgreens farm in Arizona grows microgreens for the greater Phoenix, AZ area.

You will discover how microgreens are grown in a greenhouse and why they are being grown in a Soil Mix instead of hydroponically. You will learn from trials and testing AZ microgreens did to prove to themselves that they can grow a better product to eat themselves and offer to their customers.

You will learn how microgreens can be grown using natural sunlight and why you may want to use indirect sunlight sometimes to grow certain varieties of microgreens.

You will discover which fertilizers can have a positive effect when growing microgreens after about 4 days when the roots can start to take in nutrients in the soil.

You will learn a trick to reduce your growing time by a day or two by pre-soaking and germinating your seeds before planting.

You will discover many growing practices that can take your microgreens growing or farming to the next level.

Jump to the following parts of the Episode:
03:09 Support My and Buy a GYG tee shirt
03:33 Tour of Greenhouse Begins
07:13 Growing Microgreens in Soil vs Hydroponic
09:45 Why outdoor gardens work
10:15 How to get a 30% longer shelf life for Microgreens
10:30 How to have better tasting microgreens
11:50 Soaking and Germinating Seeds before Seeding
12:50 Save time by Germinating seeds before planting
13:29 How Fast Microgreens Grow at Arizona Microgreens
15:10 Growing 24 Varieties of Microgreens
16:26 Growing in Full Spectrum Light from the Sun
19:20 Challenges with growing Microgreens
20:58 How to avoid problems when growing microgreens
23:13 Best Practices to Grow microgreens
24:!5 Do Your own testing when growing microgreens and your garden
26:08 How microgreens can grow with limited sun
28:48 Interview with Joseph Martinez of Arizona Microgreens
29:28 Why did you start growing microgreens?
32:00 What are microgreens?
32:44 Are microgreens better than full-size vegetables?
34:40 Is it really hard to grow microgreens?
35:50 What are the easiest microgreens to grow?
36:45 Why is it important to grow microgreens in the sun and organic soil?
38:50 Have you brix tested your microgreens?
39:55 Dogs love Microgreens
40:28 The attitude You should have in Live
40:52 Is all the nutrition in the seed to grow microgreens?
42:24 What nutrients can you add to grow microgreens?
43:40 My opinions on nutrients and microgreens
45:03 Repurposing Microgreens growing soil to grow a garden
45:55 What are some microgreen growing tips
47:07 What are some tips for beginners for growing microgreens?
48:16 Where do you recommend getting microgreen seeds?
49:40 Why do you do all the trials and experiments on the farm
50:45 What is one experiment that worked the best?
52:$0 Tell me the story about your most unique customer?
56:00 What is your microgreens smoothie?
57:10 Why are microgreens the most nutritious
57:48 How has the shelf live improved growing in soil and with sun
58:32 Will you make your research on microgreens available to others?
1:00:12 Create a microgreens growing Network
1:03:30 Any words of Wisdom you want to share with my viewers?
1:05:00 How you can find Arizona Microgreens?

After watching this episode, you will learn the best practices to grow the best microgreens on the planet.

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