John from takes you on a field trip to Abah Gardens in Las Vegas, Nevada to share with you how you can grow tropical fruit trees in the Las Vegas Desert. You will discover how Derrick Martinez is about to create soil in the desert that would rival soil in a forest. You will discover how he creates microclimates to protect his fruit trees from the extreme weather and find out how he is always able to give them just the right amount of water. You will discover how he grows fruit trees without adding any store-bought fertilizer.

In this episode, you will get a tour of a fellow YouTuber’s backyard fruit forest and discover how he is growing fruits and vegetables successfully in the las vegas desert.

You will learn more about all the different types of fruit trees you may be able to grow in Las Vegas as well as which perennial vegetable is the most abundant that you should have already planted in your garden. You will discover how to create rich, fertile soil without buying any store-bought fertilizer, and much, much more.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
02:48 Entering Backyard
03:13 How a Park should look
04:55 Local & Slow Food
05:54 Backyard Hand-Cam Tour of Backyard
08:34 Home Orchard Pruning
09:43 Super Mulching in every bed
13:44 Starting seeds in the ground
14:49 Asian Pear Most Loaded Up the tree
16:04 Buying Fruit Trees online
17:20 Grow this fruit tree in Las Vegas
19:06 Growing Cactus Pad and Cactus Fruits
20:17 Growing Jaboticaba in Las Vegas without protection
20:55 Growing a passion fruit up a trellis
21:24 Pawpaw fruit tree – protect when young
21:57 Large Raised Vegetable Garden Bed
23:06 Growing Vegetables Below Fruit Trees
24:30 Make-Shift Greenhouse to Grow Tropical Fruit Trees
25:20 How to create the perfect microclimate
27:10 Wax Apple Tree
27:20 Red Malaysian Guava
28:00 Growing Coffee in Las Vegas
28:20 Growing From Seed then Buying Tree if Works
29:06 Growing a Breadfruit tree
30:04 Growing Sugar Cane
30:19 Growing Longan fruits in Las Vegas
31:35 Honey Heart Cherimoya
31:45 Growing Soursop in Las Vegas
32:54 No space wasted – growing trees everywhere
34:11 Growing Tea Camelia Sinensis
34:45 How to Build Soil Fertility
35:42 nurture the soil before you plant in an area
36:40 The Importance of Lava Rocks in the Garden
37:39 Planting Above Grade
38:20 Different Types of Mulch for Different Seasons
39:00 Keep Ground Covered
39:35 Keep Roots in the Ground
40:00 Richest Soil in Las Vegas
40:52 Attracting Life in Your Garden
41:39 Creating Fungal Dominated Soil in Place
42:10 Problem with Buying Compost in Store
43:01 Easiest Fruit Tree to Grow in Las Vegas – Fig
43:59 Best tropical tree to grow outside a greenhouse in Las Vegas – Tropic Pink Guava
45:24 More people should grow this fruit
46:25 Grow new vegetables: Tree Collards
47:45 Experiment in your garden
48:26 Raised Bed Unique Features
49:25 Starting Seedlings in your garden bed
50:10 How much does it cost to garden?
51:15 Buying Fruit trees online
51:37 Guarantee
52:55 Enhance your life
54:56 Pros and Cons of Hand Watering vs Drip System
55:36 Plan before planting
58:04 Interview with Derrick
58:36 Why did you start farming in Las Vegas?
59:30 The High Cost of Processed Food
1:02:20 Make your food from scratch
1:02:57 What are your secrets for growing tropical fruit trees in Vegas?
1:04:52 What is the most expensive fruit tree you bought?
1:05:30 What is your most cherished fruit tree you are growing?
1:05:50 What is Jah and Why is it important?
1:08:25 How do you fertilize your trees without fertilizer?

After watching this episode, you will learn how one man is growing tropical exotic fruit trees outside the tropics, in Las Vegas, Nevada, the desert.
You will learn all the tricks and tips he uses to grow some of the healthiest tropical fruit trees outside the tropics and grow the best soil in his own backyard.

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