This video details the two primary ways I heat my hugelkultur greenhouse using fire and the ambient heat from the ground.

Watch the build video:

I make a rudimentary mass heater to heat the greenhouse with fire. The primitive furnace will be fired with waste wood from the construction of my home and the limbs that fall from the large oak tree in my yard. The idea is a riff off of Primitive Technology’s floor-heating-fireplace is his tiled roof hut video on YouTube. Check it out

The greenhouse will also be heated with ambient warmth from the ground. The 4-inch plastic pipe will snake through a hugelkultur bed outside the greenhouse to pick up heat from the ground which will rise up the inclined pipe into the greenhouse, while allowing cold air to flow out. It is a sort of poor man’s geothermal.

Once the furnace is fully tested and the greenhouse completely sealed, I plan to do some thermal camera tests on both the furnace and earth air mechanisms.

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