Today we share how to install a bathtub in a basement bathroom. Our prior videos showed how to prep and self level the concrete floor, which made this installation much easier.

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Step one is to dry fit the bathtub. This basement bathroom was self leveled in our prior videos. As a result, our bathtub was perfectly level – but it’s always good to double check.

Step two is to install the cable bath drain. Use 100% silicone to adhere the rubber gasket and drain to the tub.

Step three is to dry fit the pipe and slip fitting into the P-Trap. Then dry fit the bathtub again to see how it’s drain lines up with the P-Trap pipe.

Step four is to glue all the PVC floor pipes and pour mortar on the basement floor.

Step five is to set the bathtub in the mortar, drill holes through the tub lip, and secure the tub to studs using galvanized screws.

Watch our video for all the details