I’m building a hybrid walipini – hugelkultur greenhouse. This video shows my progress after 2 days of construction and a few elements of the build. Hugelkultur is a German word for “hill culture” or “hill mound” incorporates logs, wood chips and organic matter into a raised garden bed. The rotting wood supplies nutrients to plants, holds moisture and can extend the growing season due to heat released as a by-product of decomposition. A hugel can also increase the surface area available for planting. Think of it simply as gardening in your compost pile.

A walipini is an below-ground greenhouse that uses ambient heat from the earth to allow for growing food during cold winter months. The 3.5 foot deep trench in the center of my greenhouse will help warm the air volume inside once the roof and walls are completed. I plan to finish the greenhouse this weekend and will post the full build video next Friday. Thanks for watching.

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