I make a privet jack for removing this invasive species of bush-like plant that has taken over my community. Privet is kind of like a zombie…it runs in mobs and keep coming until you stop it. I pulled together some scrap metal and enlisted the help of Chad from Mancrafting to cut the big 1/2 inch slab to make the teeth. Then, I tested it on a patch of privet in my side yard.

Chad’s Video on the Plasma Table:

Product Links:
Langmuir Crossfire and Crossfire Pro http://store.langmuirsystems.com?aff=2 (Use discount code: Mancrafting to save $100)
HTP Plasma Cutter

I used my Lincoln 210-MP to weld up this beast and got some much needed practice with this welder that is new to me. Here’s a link if you are interested in checking it out:

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