John from shares with you how to make the best celery juice in the world.

In this episode, you will learn how John grows, harvests and juices his celery in the best way possible to have the most nutritious celery juice in the world.

You will learn the many reasons’s why John’s homegrown celery juice is more nutritious than store-bought celery. You will discover the techniques and tips you can implement in your life so you can make the most nutritious celery juice as well.

You will learn more about growing red stem celery that has additional antioxidant content than standard green celery. You will learn the differences between conventional, organic and homegrown celery.

You will discover why harvesting your celery right before juicing it is critical to maintaining peak antioxidant and phytonutrient content.

You will learn about adding trace minerals to your soil (as well as microbes) so your plants can have higher levels of minerals than store-bought produce.

You will learn how blanched celery is more “mild” and not as nutritious. You will learn about beneficial probiotics that are naturally occurring on the produce in your garden. You will learn about the best juicer to use to make your celery juice, and much, much, more!

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
00:15 Episode Starts
01:00 Why I Grow Food
01:26 How is the Food You Eat Grown? It makes a difference
02:39 Why I grow Leafy Greens
03:00 Buy Organic celery If You do not grow it and save money
03:55 Just because It’s Organic doesn’t mean its best
05:20 Why Celery is light greens
06:00 How nutritious is the soil?
07:10 Why is celery so beneficial?
08:25 How much celery do you need to make 16 ounces of juice?
10:01 Red Celery more nutritious than Green
10:59 Don’t Harvest Celery Until You Use It
13:00 Harvesting one stalk at a time vs Whole Head
13:39 Problem with Food System
14:15 Food is Only as Good as the Soil
14:45 Adding Trace Minerals to your Soil to Have more nutritious Food
15:50 Microbes are also important for Soil Health
16:40 Problems with Getting Minerals from Compost
17:26 Using Ocean Minerals to increase mineral content in food
18:35 Blanched vs Non-Blanched Celery
19:18 Don’t be crazy and juice too many leaves
20:20 Nutrition of Stalk vs Leaves of Celery
21:17 Probiotics – Elevated biotics – Prebiotics
22:45 Don’t Get sick from your homegrown produce
23:14 Why you should not use a blender to Juice
24:14 Drink only straight celery juice with no water or other additives
24:50 Don’t use a High-Speed Juicer to juice / Lower Juice Nutrition
25:30 Use a Juicer that will pull out the most nutrition from produce
26:35 Juicing Celery in Cold Press Juicer – automatic feeding
27:55 How dry is the Pulp
28:58 Taste Testing World’s Best Celery Juice
29:15 Why Homegrown Celery has a Stronger Flavor
29:40 Summary of How to Have a Higher Quality Juice
30:33 Save money on celery by growing your own celery
31:49 Best foods on the planet to eat

After watching this episode, you will learn how to make the best celery juice in the whole world, by growing the most nutritious celery in your garden, using the best soil amendments so you have nutritious soil, harvesting right before you will be juicing, exposing your plants to sun, and using the best juicer to juice your celery.

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