John from has Wendi from take over planting in his garden!

In this episode, Wendi will show you how she plants edible golden moss cuttings and transplants in John's organic vegetable garden.

You will learn more about the unique kinds of herbs and vegetables that Wendi will be planting in John's garden and learn the specific methods for planting cuttings and transplants.

You will learn how Wendi picked out the best location in John's garden by considering the microclimates and growth habits of the individual plants.

First, Wendi will plant edible golden moss, an edible ground cover that won't take over. You will learn how you can simply plant cuttings from the plant and it will root!

Next, Wendi will plant a variety of other edible crops such as Egyptian Mint, Edible Luffa Gourd, Basil, Rungia (mushroom plant) as well as Dinosaur Kale in John's Garden.

Next, John will find out where Wendi planted all the different edible crops in his garden and share his thoughts about the specific location that Wendi chose.

Finally, John and Wendi will share some final thoughts on gardening.

After watching this episode, you will learn how to plant cuttings and plant starts in your vegetable garden for success.

Jump to the following Parts of this Episode:
00:33 Plants that will be planted in my garden
04:50 How to Plant Edible Golden Moss Groundcover Cuttings
08:50 How to plant another Gold Moss cutting
09:50 How to Plant Edible Luffa Sponge Vegetable
14:31 How to plant Egyptian Mint
17:08 Planting Chili Flor Mushroom Pepper
18:10 Planting Rungia aka Mushroom plant
19:52 Planting Basil
20:47 Planting Dinosaur Kale
21:45 John shares his thoughts on where everything was planted
26:58 Final thoughts about gardening with John & Wendi

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