Be confident with your work, then worry about efficiency. Today’s video is part 2 of our Shower Remodel Series, and we’re showing you how to remove clips, install fixtures and seal your grout. As an experiment, I’m only using products from the box store on this job. That way I can give you an honest review of what works and what doesn’t when buying products from the biggest convenience store in town.

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Tape Measure –

DeWALT Mitre Saw –

Level –

DeWALT Circular Saw –

DeWALT Sawzall –

DeWALT Drill –

Makita Jig Saw –

Oscillating Multi Tool –


► Bathroom Remodel Series –

► How to Cut Tile For Beginners –

► Complete Build of a Modern Rustic Bathroom A to Z –

0:00 – Intro
1:24 – Removing Tile Clips
4:52 – Hole Saw Kit Test
13:30 – How To Clean Gloss Tile
13:56 – Grout Test
18:03 – Tile Contractors Don’t Seal Grout
20:09 – Mixing Your Grout
21:20 – Forget The Directions
25:05 – Grout From The Ground Up
35:42 – Grout Colours
37:27 – Washing Your Grout
42:52 – Disposing Of Old Grout
44:46 – Cleaning Leftover Grout Dust
47:41 – Sealing Your Grout
50:00 – Caulking
56:40 – Installing Fixtures

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