In this second video we show how to self level a bathroom floor using Laticrete’s NXT. Mixing this self leveler with the right water ratio is critical. We deep dive into the details and show how simple it is to level a bathroom floor after the prep work.

Helpful Links:

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Supply List (everything you need) —
LATICRETE Prime-N-Bond —
NXT Level —
Measuring Bucket —
Milwaukee Mud Mixer (Tool Only) —
Mixing Paddle —
Floor Squeegee —
Paint Roller —
Hammer Drill —
Concrete Screws (1-3/4″) —
Concrete Screws (2-1/4″) —
4 Foot Level —
Latex Caulk —
Sill Plate Foam —
Stapler —
Silica Dust Respirator —

The first step is to accurately measure how much water is needed for the NXT self leveler. This is critical because if there’s too much or too little water NXT won’t perform – and that goes for all self levelers.

Pour water into a large mixing barrel and add NXT. Wear a silica dust respirator to protect lungs. Mix per Laticrete’s directions then immediately pour NXT over a prepped and primed concrete floor.

We needed 6 bags of NXT for this basement bathroom and used a floor squeegee to help it spread evenly. Add enough NXT to cover the floor screw indicators. Wait 24 hours or until the leveler has cured then it’s okay to set a bathtub or tile the floor.

Watch our video for all the details