John from answers your organic gardening questions including the best medium for growing microgreens, how do you grow a lot of food in a small space? what are the best crops to grow indoors during the winter? and much more…

John will answer the following questions at the following times:
03:00 Do you have a circle of friends into a garden? How do you find more?
05:42 How do you grow a lot of food in a small space?
07:27 What are the ideal crops to grow indoors in the winter?
09:32 What is the best way to spout leafy greens in the winter this late?
12:06 How to keep cats out of my raised beds as they are toxic?
18:00 Have you come across hydroponic fruit trees?
19:45 Are there any reasons to direct seed instead of starting transplants?
21:55 Why did you take down the video Bird with Arms Farms?
23:07 What is the best medium for growing microgreens?
24:37 What is better Vermicompost or Worm Castings in the soil?
27:10 Do you do garden tours at your house?
28:10 What can I add to my garden better with spending little money
31:53 Do you agree that Tilling the garden is not good?
34:00 Can you grow in a frame-less raised bed?
34:50 What is the best time to grow in Phoenix?
36:20 Is it bad when animals defecate in your garden?
38:21 What is the best 10 ways to smoke the mary j Juana?
41:00 How do you get rid of white dust on your plants?

After watching this episode, you will learn John’s answers to these questions, and probably learn a few things along the way as well.

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