This video shares tips on how to tile a bathroom floor next to a curbless shower…even if you’re not building a curbless shower these tips will be very helpful

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Supplies we used for this project

Montolit Masterpiuma Tile Cutter (24″) —
Montolit CGX 115 Diamond Blade —
Sundstrom Silica Dust Respirator —
T-Lock (1/16″ Clips and Wedges) —
Fein WSG7 Angle Grinder —
Horseshoe Shims (1/16″) —
4XLT Thin-Set Mortar —
Framing Square —
Carpet Knife —
Euro Trowel —


The first step for any bathroom floor is to assess the subfloor, e.g. plywood or concrete.

In this example we had a wood subfloor and joists were 16″ on-center.

Strata Mat was used over the wood subfloor as the uncoupling membrane. That was waterproofed with Hydro Barrier.

Our prior video tutorials share how to install and waterproof Strata Mat

Laticrete 4XLT thin-set mortar was used to bond Strata Mat to the wood subfloor and over top the mat, too.

The biggest challenge with tiling bathroom floors outside curbless showers is ensuring tiles are square with the shower pan entry.

Our video shares several tips for tiling bathroom floors and is helpful even if you’re not building a curbless shower