This video shares tips on how to tile a curbless shower pan. We used a marble leaf mosaic and set it using Laticrete’s 4XLT modified thin-set mortar.

The complete video tutorials showing how to tile this shower pan are now available in the Bathroom Repair Tutor Video Library

Supplies we used for this project

DeWALT Wet Tile Saw —
Montolit CGX 115 Diamond Blade —
Sundstrom Silica Dust Respirator —
Fein WSG7 Angle Grinder —
Horseshoe Shims (1/16″) —
4XLT Thin-Set Mortar —
Framing Square —
Carpet Knife —
2″ Paint Brush —
1/4″x1/4″ Square Notch Trowel —


The first step was to add VIM’s curbless shower drain and to back butter it using thin-set mortar. This is done to prevent the drain from cracking. Also, do not get thin-set mortar into the weep holes.

Square the drain with the back wall using a carpenter’s square.

Dry fit tiles over the curbless shower and leave a 1/8″ to 1/4″ expansion and contraction joint between the tile and walls.

Label all the sheets of tile and clean the surface of the curbless shower pan with a damp sponge, ensuring there’s no moisture on the curbless pan when done.

Apply thin-set mortar to the curbless pan using directional troweling and the appropriately sized trowel for the tile.

It’s important to use white thin-set mortar with porous tile like marble.

Set the tile and clean the grout joints using a paint brush.

Watch our video for more details and register for Bathroom Repair Tutor’s Video Library to see the complete tutorials showing this installation