John from visits Master Cannabis Grower TD for the 4th visit this season cannabis grow to see and learn how each of the genetics is growing this season. You will learn the organic pest controls he is using to catch earwigs aka pincher bugs to keep him off his plants and even prevent spiders. You will learn how TD adds a trellis net to his plants to grow his plants wide and create a screen of green (SCROG) for his plants so he can increase his yield and grow 10+ pounds of flowers per plant. Finally, John will interview TD and you can learn more about what he is feeding his cannabis and how he is watering his plants this season.
In this episode, you get the fourth update for TD's season 2 grow and see how TD is able to grow 10+ pounds of cannabis flower off one plant by netting his plants to grow them wide, how he feeds/fertilizes his plants, keeps pincher bugs aka earwigs off his plants and much, much more.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
00:00 I am not a stoner- My opinions about Cannabis
02:10 Update on TD's 6 Plant Cannabis Grow
03:04 Vanilla Cream Pie Now Stacking leaves
04:26 The New Doesn't Sleep at Night and Grows
06:02 White Runtz grows night and day
07:48 Glookies is a Fast Grower
08:44 Stoopid Fruits don't like the hot sun and droops
09:34 Vanilla Cream Pie in 9 ft inground pot Catching up
11:59 Diatomaceous Earth & Sticky Traps to Prevent Earwigs / Pincher Bugs
13:30 How to Net Your Cannabis Plant So it doesn't Break
18:50 Interview with TD starts
18:56 How many times a day do you check on your plants?
19:49 How often are you watering?
20:30 What fertilizer are you using to feed your plants to grow
22:00 How long will you keep up this feeding program?
22:50 Will you feed them pure protein?
23:39 Diatomatous Earth Prevent Spiders
25:36 What are your favorite Genetics You Are Growing this year?
26:40 Any final thoughts you want to share?

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