John from interviews Dr. Joseph Wilson who has been studying native bees for 15 years.

In this episode, you will learn how to increase pollination of fruits and vegetables in your garden to get higher yields and help the native bee population in your area at the same time.

You will learn more about native bees that are responsible for more pollination than the European honey bees.

You will discover how you can provide the best food for these native bees by planting certain plants in your garden.

You will learn how to provide a nice home for the native bees on your property.

You will discover how not to harm the native bees by not spraying chemicals (including certified organic ones) in and on your garden.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
01:45 Are Bees Disappearing?
02:30 What roles do Native Bees play in pollination of crops?
03:53 Support Me and Purchase a Growing Your Greens Tee Shirt
04:29 Do Native Bees Sting?
05:40 How can someone attract native squash bees to your garden?
06:33 What radius around plants do native bees creates nests?
07:00 Are Leaf Cutter Bees Good or Bad?
08:00 What happens if you spray organic sprays will it hurt the native bees?
08:50 Will spraying roundup or other chemicals on the soil hurt the native bees?
09:29 Will Diatomaceous Earth hurt native bees?
11:05 What are some things people do that hurt bees unknowingly?
11:48 If you see holes in your garden and cover them up will it hurt native bees?
12:50 Are Wasps in your garden good or bad?
13:49 How can someone attract native bees?
15:54 Do native bees make honey?
16:35 What are some of the best edible herbs and vegetables for native bees?
17:28 Are tomatoes good for bees?
18:00 Why do the native bees get the pollen?
18:28 Do bees get tomato nectar and pollen?
18:49 What roles do the hair on the bees play in pollination?
19:54 Why do bees have hairs in the first place?
20:13 Why did you get interested in bees?
21:40 How many bees are in a person’s local area?
22:10 Why did you write the Bees in Your Backyard Book?
23:00 How can the book help vegetable gardeners?
24:30 What kind of native bees are on my black carrot flowers?
25:25 Why are people scared of bees? Are they scary?
27:14 How can someone more about you and your book?
27:30 Do you take questions about bees?
28:40 What is the bee that has the weirdest diet?
30:00 Any final comments you would like to share?
31:09 If you had to choose honey bees or native bees, which would you choose?

After watching this episode, you will learn three easy things you can do to help the native bees, so you can provide them with food, shelter and not kill them with chemicals (even organic ones)

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