John from talks with Josh from Boogie Brew about if John is a stoner and uses cannabis to get high or intoxicated. You will also learn why John advocates for Cannabis and Hemp and why Josh loves Cannabis and Hemp so much.

In this rant-style episode, John and Josh talk about Cannabis and Hemp and their thoughts on this plant, you will learn about their history with this plant and their thoughts about this plant.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
00:00 GYG Intro Title
00:50 We are both Cannabis Advocates
00:55 Is John a Stoner
03:25 How I got Josh high for 10 hours on raw cannabis juice
06:25 Recipe with Coconut, Tangerine, and Cannabis that got me high
07:46 John Got High Accidently from Edibles
09:08 How many times has John gotten high in recent years?
13:09 Why I consume cannabis for health
14:25 My opinions on Cannabis and Educating Kids
16:40 Some benefits of Cannabis
18:33 Hemp is Misunderstood
19:20 Microfibers are Terrible
21:00 The Emperor wears no clothes book
22:40 Vilification of Hemp
26:55 I don't use cannabis for the side effects
27:09 Is Cannabis a toxin to our body?
27:55 Hemp Became the Victory Crop after the War
29:50 How do we deplasticfy ourselves?
31:15 What matters is what you are doing
31:35 Hemp You can eat from the Health Food Store
32:00 Hemp Seeds are a pure superfood
32:49 Hemp Seeds contain the special amino acid Edestin
33:50 Hemp Seed Super Milk Omega 3 6 9 Balanced
34:44 Do Your own Research on Cannabis and Hemp and Learn about it
35:28 I advocate for the non-intoxicating effects of Cannabis
36:10 We need more tolerance in the world
38:30 Hemp-Powered Boogie Brew Compost Tea
39:20 Why I make videos about Growing Organic Cannabis
44:06 Add Your political bits in the Comments Section

After watching this episode you will learn more about John & Josh's views about cannabis and hemp and why you should educate yourself further about this amazing plant that has been demonized by many people in society today.

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