John from shares how he has been composting WRONG even though he was successful at turning his food scraps, yard waste, and browns compost he uses in his garden.

In this episode, you will get an update on John's 4 Jora JK400 compost tumblers and learn how they have all rusted out with time probably due to John's inability of composting perfectly. You will learn where his composters are rusting and why he believes they are rusting.

You will see how John can make compost successfully in his Joraform JK400 tumbling composters but also is having them rust on him probably because he is not composting correctly, and has a compost that is too wet that does not contain enough carbon (browns) such as cardboard shreds, or compressed sawdust pellets.

You will see the incidences of rust on each of John's 4 Jora JK400 composters. This can also occur to other Jora Composters such as the JK270 or Jk125 as they are made out of the same materials.

You will see the pile of rusted panels that John has replaced over the years he has owned the Jora composters. You will also learn if rust is covered by Joraform under the 2-year warranty, and why Jora believes the composters rust on people who use them.

Finally, you will learn about the only composter that John recommends at this time that is still standing and has not rusted out on him after 10 years of dependable service.

Jump to the following parts of the Episode:
00:00 Episode Starts
00:10 Update of My Compost Alley
02:00 I am not a perfect Composter
03:00 I thought I was successfully making compost
03:40 Showing Rust on Jora Composters
06:55 I live in an Arid climate
07:34 Rusted Panels I have replaced over time
10:03 Email Chain from Jora Composters
13:41 Jora Composters Best Practices
15:54 What I think Jora Should Do
18:17 The Composter Tumber I recommend Instead

After watching this episode, you will learn why John no longer recommends the Jora composters that he once loved. You will learn about the rust problems that John experienced because he was not composting correctly in the Jora Composter. You will learn about the rust-proof lifetime composter that John now recommends as his favorite tumbling composter.

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