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In this video, John shares his experience after getting stuck on a frozen lake in Central Minnesota with his Dodge Dakota pick up truck. He tried a common zip tie type auto ‘chain' that became brittle after sitting for 2 years and broke before they could do anything. These Universal Tire Chains worked perfectly with two on the rear tires and one on each front tire of John's 4×4 truck.

The upgraded tire chains is made of thickened TPU with high hardness wear-resistant steel nails on the surface to prevent the tires from slipping when in contact with the ground, to ensure that the tires have enough grip to maintain safe driving on snowy days, resistant to low temperatures of -50℃, and does not hurt the tires, all the details are to provide safety for you and your family.
Snow chains for trucks are easy to install and portable, you can set them on your tires in minutes without jacking or moving your car. Snow chains for car can be placed in the car at any time, it can provide you with the perfect solution in many bad weather conditions and save your car from trouble.
Snow chains for SUV are necessary tools for Desert, snow, mud, climbing, ice and other emergencies. These tire snow chains prevent sliding when driving and effectively shorten the braking distance, improving the driving stability, Thickened TPU tire snow chains to Insure a comfortable drive with less vibration and noise and has a drainage groove design to discharge snow and prevent icing.
The specially designed car chains for snow can be applied to all cars, SUV and trucks with tire widths between 6.5″-10.8″ (165mm-275mm). The new gear type tightening buckles won’t cause the chain to come loose or to move away from the correct fixing position. You can use it with confidence.
This snow chain includes 6 x truck tire chains, 1 x Carrying bag, 1 x Snow shovel, 1 x wrench, 1 x Gloves, 1 x User manual. If you have any concerns with this snow chain, please feel free to contact us for efficient support.

I Was Stuck In The Snow On The Lake! Universal Tire Chains Can Save The Day with my Dodge Dakota!

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