John from shares with you his install of a reusable reflective plastic mulch that has been show to increase yield of crops, repel pests, better maintain soil moisture and regulate soil temperature.

In this episode, John will show you how he is installing metallic insulation as a reflective mulch to create a better soil habitat for the food soil web microbes and creatures in the soil. You will learn the specific product he is using as well as how he will perfectly cut 3.5″ diameter circles in the reflective insulation so that he can plant his peppers in this raised bed garden.

First, John will show you how he is installing the reflective insulation in his garden. You will learn about the spacing John will use to cut holes in the insulation. You will see the special protractor that he uses to cut circular holes. You will see how he easily uses a bulb planter to dig out just enough soil to plant his transplants.

Next, you will learn about some of the organic fertilizers John adds to each planting hole and why. You will discover why John sprinkles his transplant roots with a mixture of microbes and what he back fills each planting hole with.

Next, you will see all the pepper plants planted out in the bed and learn why John will stake up and put a temporary shade cloth over this reflective mulch raised bed garden.

Finally, John will talk about some of the reusable plant clips that he will use to securely hold the fragile plant stems to the bamboo stakes. He will also share his tips on experimenting in the garden and why he decided to use the reflective mulch.

After watching this episode, you will learn more about using the best reusable reflective mulch that can help to increase yields, prevent pests, and create a better habitat for the food soil web creatures.

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