John from shares with you the beneficial microbes he will be distributing in his garden.

You will learn about some of the pros and cons of EM-1 aka Effective Microorganisms vs Compost Tea. Both EM1 and Compost tea have traits that are good and some that are not so good. You will learn which may be better for you and why.

You will discover why you may want to use EM1 or Compost Tea. You will learn more about John’s favorite compost tea.

You will discover how easily you can spray your entire garden with EM1 simply and easily using a backpack sprayer.

John will share some of his microbe tips with you and the 3 ways that EM1 helped him and his garden to flourish.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
00:15 Episode Starts
00:40 Innoculate Your Garden with Microbes
02:50 What beneficial Microbes Can Do in Your Garden
04:51 Is EM1 better or Compost Tea Better?
06:15 Boogie Brew Compost Tea takes 24 hours to make
07:41 Does EM1 Take the place of compost tea?
09:49 Why I like EM1
10:01 What is in EM1?
11:39 Photosynthetic bacteria
12:05 Lactic Acid Bacteria
12:24 Beneficial Yeasts
13:23 Where EM1 will work best
15:40 How to apply EM1 in your garden
15:45 My favorite $20 backpack sprayer
16:36 Use filtered water when making EM1
18:00 Putting on the backpack sprayer and shaking it up
19:14 Spray Em1 on non-alive plants too
20:14 How My EM1 has saved my plant
21:35 Black Spot Fungus on tree collards
23:15 SPraying EM1 in my compost

After watching this episode, you will learn more about John’s views on beneficial microbes in the garden and which inoculant you should use. You will also discover how to use a backpack sprayer to spread the microbe diversity. You will also learn how EM1 helped John save his Tree Collard tree.

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