John from interviews composting expert, Colum Riley, about cow manure and if it is good or bad for your organic vegetable garden. You will discover if this waste product that is commonly used in organic gardening is the best fertilizer or if it is a toxic by-product of the industrial agriculture industry and should not be used in your vegetable garden.

In this episode, filmed at the 2018 Heirloom Expo, you will learn all about the pros and cons of using cow manure as well as other animal manures in your garden. You will discover the truth about these waste products that are often gotten rid of by adding to the soil to feed plants. Is your vegetable garden a dumping ground for this waste product? Or is the manure adding fertility to your garden? What else can the manure introduce into your garden? You will also learn how properly composted, sustainably sourced organic dairy manure can be a benefit to your garden without all the risks that steer manure may have.

In this interview format, you will learn the answers from a biodynamic farming expert, Column Riley who grew up in the biodynamic farming industry and has been a student of Rudolph Steiner’s teaching since he was a child.

You will discover the answer to the following questions:
04:12 What does Malibu Compost do?
04:42 Buy a GYG Organic Tee Shirt
05:08 Should people be using cow manure in their garden?
06:25 Is Steer Manure the same as Malibu Compost?
07:30 What can be in Cow manure?
08:40 Would you use straight manure on your garden?
10:00 Cow manure can be composted in 30 days? why 90 days?
11:45 What is the problem with all the cow manure?
12:57 What is the solution for all the manure being created?
14:55 How can you protect yourself toxic Compost?
17:06 Is it safe to compost your own cow manure?
19:09 Is horse manure safe?
20:45 Can Composted Food Material have contamination?
22:14 What toxins can be broken down when properly composted?
23:20 Is it safer to compost food scraps than manure?
24:14 Ingredients to add to compost that may help it break down
25:00 Would it be beneficial to add your composted manure to a compost pile?
26:14 Have you tested your composted manure compost tea for bacteria and fungal levels?
28:00 Do you recommend manure tea?
30:13 Is your compost biodynamic and organic?
31:48 Is biodynamic better than organic? Why?
32:45 Is your biodynamic compost made from biodynamic dairies?
35:00 Why is your biodynamic compost better than organic compost?
37:04 Does the small biodynamic preparations really make a difference?
39:30 Have you done soil testing with your preparations and without preparations?
41:20 Is Plant Sourced Compost Better than Composted Cow Manure to feed plants?
42:30 What percentage of Malibu Compost should people mix into their compost?
44:17 Do you test your composted dairy manure to ensure its safe?
47:00 How did you get interested in cow manure?
49:30 Are you open to sharing your IP on how you make the best compost?
52:00 Summary of Episode
53:11 How can someone buy Malibu Compost?

After watching this episode, you will learn if cow manure should be used in your organic garden as a fertilizer or not. You will also learn how properly composted manure can be an excellent addition to your garden. You will also discover the best compost cow manure on the market: Malibu Compost.

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