John from answers your organic gardening questions including is glass in your compost toxic? What to do with 10+ gallons of fish waste? Is it ok to use HVAC water to water my garden? will using newspaper in my garden make it non organic? Freezing Cannabis (and other Juices) and much more.

After watching this episode, you will learn John’s answers to these questions, and probably learn a few things along the way as well:

02:10 Can I freeze Cannabis Juice (and other juices) to drink later?
04:56 What should I do with 10+ gallons of fish waste from a fishing tournament?
06:28 I need to add fertilizer in addition to the home made compost made from lawn clippings and leaves from our trees to our vegetable garden?
10:56 Is safe to use water condensation from our HVAC unit in the garden?
14:00 Is feline pine cat litter the same as pine pellet bedding?
15:44 Is glass in compost a contaminant in compost? is it bad?
20:04 Are you and Lauren still together? Are you still getting a farm?
21:21 If I use newspaper in my garden bed will it still be considered organic?
26:25 Can you build a microclimate in a area that does not have one?

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