John from answers your organic gardening questions including should you prune tomato suckers? Would you filter rainwater? How to germinate and grow moringa in Zone 6b? Do you still use powdered azomite rock dust? Can you still have a life and eat healthily? Why do you need to brew compost tea in a bag? What is the best place to buy seeds if you don't have a computer? How do deal with caterpillars and aphids?? and much, much more.

John will answer the following questions at the following times:
00:40 Where can I get fruit trees if I have no car and live in New Mexico?
03:04 What is your favorite genus? Your favorite family?
05:00 Why use a teabag when brewing compost tea?
06:34 Free Range Worms. Have you ever tried to produce worms without a bin?
08:28 Any tips on starting moringa seeds?
09:42 What in your opinion is the ultimate all-year farming method for a decent crop with minimal effort?
11:24 How do you find the time to live a full life aside from eating healthy?
Is it possible to have good relationships and do what you do?
22:50 What are your thoughts about the soil I am using in fabric pots?
24:38 Is it ok to plant garlic under my fruit tree?
25:26 Any tips on root-knot nematode?
27:48 Is it ok to grow tomatoes the natural way without cutting suckers off?
30:18 Other than having high-quality soil, how else do you deal with aphids and caterpillars?
32:52 Will an in-ground worm compost system in a raised bed create a pest problem in your raised bed due to rotting food?
33:56 What is the one crop you would grow to make a small profit so you can continue to grow organic?
36:36 What are your thoughts on building raised garden boxes completely off the ground. Would you use 2×6 as the bottom?
38:12 I want to grow moringa in Zone 6B how do I keep them alive during the winter?
40:50 Can I grow sapote trees in Houston Texas in the ground?
42:20 What size containers do you use for various plant starts?
44:18 Can water be added to the Joraform Composter and can I compost chicken manure and bedding in the Joraform?
46:48 I have clay soil and need more organic matter. How can I do this on a limited income?
48:18 What keeps you going? What keeps that passion alive?
49:52 What are your thoughts on the pollutants in the air that can end up in the rain that is used for watering your garden?
52:20 Is there a responsible way to grow certain crops I use to grow in Hawaii in South America?
55:56 What are your favorite seed catalogs because I don't have a computer or WiFi to order seeds online?
58:24 Could you list off some of your organic inputs like moringa powder, spirulina, dandelion powder, and others that are beneficial for gardens?

After watching this episode, you will learn John's answers to these questions, and probably learn many more organic gardening tips and tricks along the way.

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