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Finally a safe and natural solution for mosquito and tick control. Lawnbright's Yard Patrol ditches the harsh chemicals and leverages nature's favorite way to handle pests in your yard: cedar!

Just attach Yard Patrol to your hose and spray. Create a natural mosquito and tick repellent for your yard in just 10 minutes.

Yard Patrol controls mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and a whole lot more. And best of all it does not repel or harm beneficial insects or pollinators!

How It Works
Egg and Larvae stage: Exposure to the cedarwood oil formulation immediately triggers the erosion of the exoskeleton of insect eggs and larvae, which results in their dehydration, subsequently rendering their pre-life status DBH (dead before hatch).

Adult stage: Inhibits the ability of the insects’ receptors to detect food, mates, and to reproduce. When comfort levels are destroyed, insects become over whelmed and relocate. Insect displacement interrupts the “egg laying cycle” eliminating a new generation of arthropod. All insects breathe through their bodies; therefore, the scent is absorbed directly into the body affecting the insect’s neurological/biological systems, causing paralysis, confusion, and death.

Keep Mosquitos Away with Yard Patrol from LawnBright

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