This 5-foot landscaper version (can also be used residentially if you prefer more handles!) of the Leaf Burrito® is a patented, revolutionary, year-round, yard debris collection tool that makes the task of collecting and transporting yard waste become incredibly efficient and simple while eliminating single-use bags and tarps.
Our patented 5-zipper design starts completely flat for instant loading and stands up vertically for additional loading and compacting (Opened flat dimensions: 5’ x 7.33’, Zipped dimensions: 5’ x 3’).
Bring material INTO or OUT OF the job site: use for grass clippings, weeds, sticks, leaves, hedge clippings, annuals, vines, small logs, mulch, trees, shrubs, pea gravel, topsoil, pine straw and much more!
Made using our own custom UV-coated industrial-grade mesh fabric, plus five heavy-duty YKK zippers and 11 ergonomic handles for solo or team carrying.
Rubber-Grip corner handles for carrying material without the need for zippering (like a fireman's blanket) or as corner tie-down points when used as a trailer cover.
Includes a writable patch for truck, trailer, company identification or home address.
This 5-foot black mesh version holds 4-6 bags worth of debris and easily hoses off with water when necessary.
Stores compactly to the size of a folded bath towel and will not collect water when stacked or stored on your truck or trailer.
Safer and more ergonomic for landscaping staff, compared to overloaded and dangerous tarps.
Stacks perfectly on your trailer, box truck, or UTV, keeping material separate from equipment which is why we recommend that every trailer needs a 6-pack as part of their everyday toolkit.
Zip multiple Burritos together to create a larger trailer cover, a larger drag area, or plant transporting cover.
This bag is a smaller version of our 7-foot Leaf Burrito.
Our Burritos will NOT roll away, blow away or collect water for mosquitos.

Make Leaf Clean Up Quick And Easy With Leaf Burrito #LeafBurrito Yard And Lawn Clean Up Bags

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