John from goes on a field trip to Harpke Family Urban Farm in Dania Beach, Florida to show you how they grow microgreens and a diversity of other crops in many different ways to ensure crop success and profit.

In this episode, John will take you on a tour of this diversified farm to show you the many different ways they are growing food, and some of the specific vegetables they are growing.

You will discover some techniques you may want incorporate into your home garden to ensure a higher level of success and to grow more vegetables for you and your family.

You will learn about how they reuse their microgreens soil and use it on their farm as well as sell it to local individuals.

You will learn about their hydroponic raft system that grows lettuce year round in the hot Florida tropical weather.

Finally, John will interview the farmer and ask him about farming as a business and also growing tips.

Jump to the following Parts of this episode:
02:22 Start of Episode
06:10 Tour of Farm Stars
06:26 Growing in Grow Bags / Smart Pots
07:44 Hydroponics System
08:01 Microgreens Growing Area
08:30 Seedling House
09:14 Growing Microgreens in Pots
11:56 Recycling Microgreen Soil and Pots on the Farm
12:51 Compost Pile used to grow potted Plants
13:23 Growing Turmeric and Ginger
15:09 Growing under Shade Cloth
16:15 Baby Vegetables
17:19 Best Growing Tomato in Florida
18:30 Hydroponic Lettuce Growing
19:40 Diversify for your success
20:34 Interview Starts
20:46 Why did you decide to start a farm?
21:15 Why did you want to get into growing food?
22:30 Tell me about the Open Door Policy to Visit your farm
24:08 Do you grow organically?
25:05 What about the pollution from the cars and airplanes?
27:47 Tell me more about the microgreens?
29:09 Tell me about the ginger and Tumeric?
30:26 What are some tips for Farmers so they can Succeed?
31:55 Do you sell to retail customers in the area?
33:08 What are the easiest 3 vegetables to grow in Florida
34:20 Tell me about the organic soil you sell?
35:33 Do you have any words of wisdom for my viewers?
36:10 Do you accept volunteers on your farm?
36:56 How can someone contact you and your farm?

After watching this episode, you will learn more about Harpke family farm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida area and how they are growing food and how you can use some similar principles to enable you to grow food at home.

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