THIS week…we have miter saw fights, @RYOBI TOOLS USA power stations, a mower head 2 head, this insane Japanese toy, and the world's first EGO Z6 RC.

THIS is your #powertoolweekinreview
Thank you @EGO POWER+ and @Ohio Power Tool for sponsoring this episode.

0:00 Intro
0:26 @731 Woodworks | Miter Saw Head 2 Head @Milwaukee Tool vs @Festool USA
1:31 @Torque Test Channel | Understanding Impacts
2:13 @Sparky Channel | Cable Staplers from @DEWALT TV and Milwaukee
3:04 @A Concord Carpenter / ToolBoxBuzz | Cordless Lawn Mower Head 2 Head
4:10 @Tools & Stuff | @Simpson Strong-Tie Collated Connector Nailer
4:57 @Shop Tool Reviews | RYOBI Power Station
6:21 @The Lawn Care Nut | Stens Power Rotary Scissors
7:44 @Machinery Nation | EGO Z6 RC
8:57 Production Crew Update
9:28 Outro

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