This video takes a look at the Milwaukee Super Sawzall (2722-21HD)…what is it and how does it perform!! We show how it works and do several tests while having some fun with the tool.

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Milwaukee’s Super Sawzall claims to be as powerful as 15 amp corded Sawzalls. Is this true?

We had our doubts. Hence this overview and testing. You’ll see cutting tests through

-Pressure Treated 2×12
-Three Stacked 2x4s
-Galvanized Steel
-Black Steel

All these tests show what you can expect from the Super Sawzall.

We’ve also been using this in the field during demolitions. It easily cut through fiberglass showers, 2″ thick steel, metal fences, and even 4″ cast iron waste pipes!!!

Yes, blades are very important but the Super Sawzall didn’t bog down or overheat during our tests and demolitions.

Watch our video for more details

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