John from goes on a field trip to Got Sprouts in Riviera Beach, Florida to show you how you can grow the most nutritious food indoors any time of year.

In this episode, John will take you on a tour of one of the largest commercial sprouting operations in the United States and share with you the secrets of growing high-quality sprouts and microgreens which are the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet.

You will learn about all the different supplies you will need to grow your own sprouts or microgreens at home. You will discover the step-by-step process of growing sprouts and microgreens on a commercial scale- so you can grow them at home.

You will discover how Got Sprouts carefully grows, packs and ships their sprouts and microgreens for delivery all over the United States.

Finally, John will interview the owner and share with you how you can grow your own bean sprouts in as little as 3 days.

Jump to the following Parts of this episode:
02:22 Episode Starts
04:22 Warehouse Tour
06:15 PVC Racks to hold sprouts
06:30 Proper Lighting Fixtures
07:47 Seeds: Most important part of growing sprouts
11:44 Proper Soil and Container to Hold Soil
12:40 Microbial Free Water
13:20 First Step Growing Sprouts: Germination
13:19 How to Properly Germinate Seeds
15:00 Planting Your Germinate Seeds into Trays
18:08 Seeds rooting into soil after a day or two
19:09 Seeds send shoots into the sky to reach the light
20:50 Fully Grown Wheatgrass under Flourscent lights
22:22 The importance of selecting the right seed
23:08 Harvest your Wheatgrass before the jointing stage
25:20 Pea Sprouts Growing
25:57 Radish and Brocolli Microgreens
26:32 Sunflower Greens Growing
26:47 Sunflower Greens: Most Economical Seed to Grow
29:29 Buckwheat Greens: Another Green You can Grow
31:17 Pre-Chilled Sprouts before shipping
31:55 Properly Packing Sprouts for Shipping
32:55 Compost Your Waste
34:30 Tour of Store
36:34 Purchasing the Proper Sprouting Seeds
40:28 How to Sprout Beans in 3 days to grow your own food
41:00 Sprouting in Mason Jar
44:11 EasySprout – Easiest Way to Sprout Your Seeds
48:11 How you can use your sprouts
50:30 Why is it better to sprout beans instead of canned beans
51:21 What are some of the benefits of eating more sprouts?
54:20 Any words of wisdom for my viewers?
56:12 How can someone contact you to purchase seeds
56:30 Special Deal for GrowingYourGreens Viewers

After watching this episode, you will learn how you can start growing your own sprouts and microgreens inside your home any time of year.

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