John from shares with you his top 3 gardening, vegetable and food preparation tips.

In this episode, John shares with you his presentation at the 2017 National Heirloom Expo titled, “Gardening, Vegetables and Food Prep”

First, John will share his story and why he got into gardening, and why it is so important to him to educate the public about growing food.

Next, you will learn John’s top 3 gardening tips, which included growing in raised beds, using wood chips and rock dust, and using worm castings and microbes to your advantage.

Next, you will discover John’s top 3 Vegetable tips which include, growing a diversity, growing perennial vegetables and growing medicinal vegetables.

Next, you will learn John’s top 3 food preparation tips, which include: Eating a salad every day, juicing your harvest and fermenting your vegetables for preservation.

Finally, John will share his final thoughts and answer audience questions.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
03:07 My Story
10:46 Gardening Tip #1: Raised Beds
15:30 Gardening Tip #2: Wood Chips and Rock Dust
20:35 Gardening Tip #3: Worm Castings and Microbes
25:30 Vegetable Tip #1: Grow a Variety
30:14 Vegetable Tip #2: Grow Perennial Vegetables
33:49 Vegetable Tip #3: Grow Medicinal Vegetables
38:39 Food Prep Tip #1: Eat a Garden Salad Every day
40:50 Food Prep Tip #2: Juice Your Garden
43:38 Food Prep Tip #3: Ferment Your Food for Preservation
46:31 Final Thoughts & Audience Q&A

After watching this episode, you will learn some of John’s most important gardening, vegetable, and food preparation tips.

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