John from visits the Queens Creek 10 Acre Botanical Garden near Phoenix, Arizona that grows an Edible Permaculture Botanical garden that is generating multple streams of income from the land by farming, education, and revenue streams.

In this episode, you will get a short tour of the start of the Queens Creek Botanical Garden and then a longer interview with Justin Rohner who is the founder of the Botanical Garden and visionary with the insight and experience to make it all happen.

You will learn some very innovative ways to grow food crops in a variety of microclimates and landscapes. You will learn how vegetables can be grown on a slope using rails and ladders to harvest and plant the crops easily. You will learn how food can be grown verticall on walls using planter boxes, and much, much more.

Finally, John will interview Justin Rohner and learn more about:
Queens Creek Botanical Garden, why he started.
How Microclimates can be used to grow more food
How Gardeners can use Microclimate Data near them with an app
How to make the food system more sustainable
How to create your own job in agriculture without any training
How to learn how to grow food and teach others
How to have a successful farm by generating multiple streams of income
How you can help Queen's Creek Botanical Garden
and much, much more.

After watching this episode, you will learn about an edible botanical garden you can visit near Phoenix, Arizona that is feeding the community, but also teaching people how to grow food, and help people create jobs so they can have their own sucessful business growing food

Please note: This was lost footage that was filmed in March 2021, but is only now being posted.

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