Platform sharpening is the best way to sharpen a 40/40 bowl gouge, and the Drozda Finial Gouge. This sharpening method is easy to learn with just a little practise. In this video, I describe the profiles of my gouges and show you how I sharpen them. I will also show how I hone the inside of the flutes for the sharpest edge.

This video replaces the one I uploaded yesterday, and shows how to use your Wolverine platform without cutting it out around the wheel.

Thanks go out to Stu Batty for showing me how to use and sharpen a 40/40 gouge. He has revolutionized my sharpening, and therefore my turning!

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If you are wondering where to get that grinder support platform, it is made by Stuart Batty Tools and sold by Woodworkers Emporium in Las Vegas USA. The platforms are not listed on the website, give them a call to ask about them.