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UNIVERSAL DESIGN: The Original Chain Locker is a versatile accessory that conveniently fits chainsaw chains of various sizes and lengths. It securely holds chains up to 20″, regardless of pitch, gauge, or link variation. Unlike other chain storage cases, this product ensures a secure and universal fit, allowing for easy transport of cutting chains.
PREVENT CHAINS FROM TANGLING: Keep your chainsaw chains in good order with this storage case designed to prevent tangling, dulling, and rusting. The single row of internal tabs fits all chains up to 20 inches, making storage, transport, and removal very convenient. This case will help extend the life of your chainsaw chains and save time and money by simplifying organization.
HOLDS 8 OR MORE CHAINS: Each original Chain Locker holds a minimum of 8 chains and can hold more if storing short chains. The case is made from UV-enhanced polypropylene to withstand rugged use, the weight of chains, and the wear and tear of on-the-job elements. Polypropylene won’t corrode due to dampness or exposure to gasoline and cleaning chemicals.
CONVENIENT TO CARRY: Thanks to the Chain Locker chainsaw accessory, transporting and storing chainsaw chains has never been easier. Hold blades tightly in place for simple organization and on-the-go needs. The Chain Locker protects chains from damage while you’re on the go and improves productivity by helping workers locate sharp and dull chains.
MADE IN THE USA. PATENTED. Please note that there is only ONE (1) Chain Locker per purchase. Hinges are frame reinforced and made with 1/8” diameter stainless steel rods for rust resistance. The Original Chain Locker is available in a variety of colors. Kentucky owned. Manufactured and hand assembled in Indiana.

Chain Locker Original Chainsaw Chain Storage – Portable Universal Chain Saw Holder Case Organizer Box For 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 18” and 20” Inch Blade Chains, Made in USA – Black Case

Protect Your Chain Saw Chains With The Chain Locker Protective Travel And Storage Cases

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