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In this video, John shares about a portable CO detector that will be used in his RV and then in the winter in his ice fishing wheel house to protect the family when out enjoying the outdoors!

GZAIR Carbon Monoxide CO Detector, Car, RV, Aircraft, Boat, Bus, Truck, Vehicle Automotive CO Gas Alarm, Portable CO Meter for Travel, Police, Pilots, Drivers, and Campers

Advanced Nemoto electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor that accurately detects carbon monoxide levels
Real-time CO reading display, continuous 9-month runtime with same batteries.
Red LED and Buzzer (70 dB at 1 meter) alarms warn the user effectively about potentially harmful CO concentrations
Simple one-button operation, Small 2oz device, 3M stick-on mount or carry with lanyard, easy to take while traveling
Used to inspect for exhaust leaks in Vehicles (i.e. Car, RV, Truck, SUV, Bus, Aircraft, Boat, etc.)

Protection For Your RV and Wheel House from CO Poisoning with the GZAIR Carbon Monoxide Detector

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